Ronstan 20ST Orbit Winch 1 Speed

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20ST Orbit Winch 1 Speed

The innovative QuickTrim™ self-tailer allows sailors to easily and safely ease line tension to make minor sail trim adjustments without having to remove the winch handle or take the line out of the self-tailer. Racing sailors can react and respond instantly to minor changes in wind direction or steering, providing an unmatched advantage when frequent sail trim adjustments are required. It’s also a nice convenience for cruising sailors.

On the water, using QuickTrim™ is intuitive and quickly becomes second nature. With one hand on the tail of the sheet, rotating the top cover of the winch anti-clockwise against spring pressure allows the self-tailer to turn beneath it like a sheave as the rope is eased out, with a smooth grip and control assured by the drum surface and Power Ribs™.

When the top cover is allowed to spring back, the self-tailer locks again and grips the line to resume normal use. This simple, reliable feature is a real advantage when making frequent minor adjustments to sheet and halyard tension.

As delivered from the factory, the Orbit 30QT and 40QT operate as a traditional two-speed self-tailing winch. The QuickTrim™ feature is enabled by the user, simply by removing a single screw located within the self-tailer.

Inspired by the distinctive drum profile of Andersen winches, Power Ribs™ have been incorporated into the fully machined drums of Ronstan’s Orbit Winches™ to deliver the same impressive line handling with maximum grip and minimal rope wear. 

Power Ribs™

The exceptional grip provided by the Power Ribs™ offers a multitude of benefits: requiring fewer wraps around the drum, reducing the load held in the self-tailer, and encouraging the line to slide easily upward on the drum to avoid riding turns. The non-abrasive drum surface extends the service life of running rigging and allows 

No Tools Required

Full disassembly and reassembly can conveniently be performed without the need for any tools. To remove the drum, pull back the spring-loaded release latch and a slight anti-clockwise rotation will allow the self-tailing arm to be lifted from the winch. From there, the drum can be removed from the winch center stem.

When completing reassembly in reverse order, an audible click confirms positive engagement between the self-tailing arm and bayonet notches on the center stem. These notches allow the self-tailing arm to be locked in one of eight positions at rotational increments of 45 degrees.


  •  Lightweight machined aluminum drum
  • Distinctive Power Ribs™ ensures a controlled grip at all times, whether tensioning or easing
  • QuickTrim™ patented self-tailing feature for rapid sail trim and smooth adjustment (30QT & 40QT only)
  • Proven Andersen winch gearing configuration
  • No tools are required for configuration and servicing
  • Sprung self-tailing jaws to accept 6-10mm line


  • Hard anodized aluminum drum and center stem, aluminum self-tailing arm
  • Grade 316 stainless steel shaft and pawls
  • Grade 2205 stainless steel axle pins
  • Aluminum bronze gears
  • Glass-filled nylon self tailer
  • Self-lubricating acetal bearings

Manufacturer : Ronstan
Manufacturer Part No : RA6201

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