Digital Yacht AISnode NMEA 2000 Boat AIS Class B Receiver

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AISnode NMEA 2000 Boat AIS Class B Receiver

AISnode is the first AIS Receiver to be designed exclusively for NMEA 2000. With a single, integral 0.75m NMEA 2000 cable that takes power from the network and outputs the AIS data on to the network, the AISnode is incredibly easy to install. Just find or fit a spare NMEA 2000 "T Piece", screw the AISnode cable to the connection, connect a VHF antenna and the installation is complete. 

Utilizing the same high performance, true dual channel receiver that our latest Class B Transponders have, AISnode will receive every AIS equipped vessel within VHF range and never miss or drop a single target. All of the latest NMEA 2000 AIS message types are supported, including AIS SARTs, AtoNs and Class B static data, ensuring full compatibility with all of the latest AIS enabled chart plotters. 

NMEA 2000 is becoming more and more popular on new boats and nearly all new chart plotters have an NMEA 2000 interface, with one or two models only providing an NMEA 2000 interface. With its reliability, easy plug and play connectivity and industry standard compatibility, it is not surprising why NMEA 2000 is gradually replacing the older NMEA0183 standard.

The AIT2000 and AIT3000 Class B Transponders already provide NMEA 2000 connectivity but not all customers want the extra expense of purchasing and installing a transponder and for small chart plotters an AIS receiver is still a popular choice.


  • Application Domain: For Boats
  • Type: Class B Receiver

Manufacturer : Digital Yacht
Manufacturer Part No : ZDIGAISNODE
UPC : 081159830403

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